Meet Our Team

Greg Wilson

– Our founder and CEO

Greg Wilson has 15+ in the digital marketing industry. After running a large agency, he made the decision to open his own dedicated to making internet marketing easy and affordable for all businesses, regardless of size. He built a business that has multinational partners, using only the best people and organizations to ensure the services they offer are world-class.

If you need to reach Greg directly, please feel free to email

Sherwood Media Services Founder - Greg Wilson
Sherwood Media Services Founder - Greg Wilson

Ehsan Ali

– Our Project Manager

Ehsan personally oversees every project to ensure stellar customer service.  With thousands of successful projects under his belt, Ehsan is considered one of the top web designers in the country.  He takes pride in ensuring that every project is completed to perfection.

If you need to reach Ehsan directly, please feel free to email

Wendy Johnson

– HR & Customer Experience Champion

Wendy is a passionate HR professional and Customer Experience Manager at Sherwood Media Services. She is dedicated to fostering a positive and productive work environment for employees, while simultaneously ensuring that every customer interaction is exceptional.

Wendy leverages her expertise in both HR and customer service to bridge the gap between internal operations and external client satisfaction. She is a strong advocate for employee well-being and development, believing that a happy and empowered workforce directly translates to a superior customer experience.

Connect with Wendy to learn more about how she cultivates a thriving workplace culture and ensures that Sherwood Media Services consistently delivers outstanding customer service.

Sherwood Media Services Founder - Greg Wilson